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Human life is precious. Every moment is an opportunity to awaken to our true nature. We have the capacity for ecstatic wonderment, and also, great suffering. Suffering exists for each of us in different ways: chronic feelings of insecurity or overwhelm, too many broken relationships, struggles with addictions, to name just a few. We may notice repetitive patterns that continue to play out, without knowing why. Perhaps there are fears keeping us from taking the risks necessary to inhabit our life fully, or to love in our relationships fully.

Part of what makes human life precious is our capacity to reflect upon our experiences and to become more self-aware. With wise guidance, increased self-awareness and a clear intent to grow, the way for healing and transformation naturally opens. Psychotherapy offers a way out of suffering through the gateway of self-knowing. An integrative model of psychotherapy acknowledges that we are embodied, soulful, thoughtful, spiritual beings. By working holistically with body, soul, mind, and spirit, we increase our capacity for an integrated awareness of who we are. We cultivate an embodied life with heart and meaning, an authentic inner sense of freedom, and greater emotional intimacy with ourselves and others.

To walk a path of self-knowing is a courageous act. Finding the right match in a therapeutic relationship is vitally important. My basic philosophy is that the soul- or psyche- within each of us has an innate intelligence and path of unfolding. Grounded and compassionate, I support my clients in working through painful or limiting patterns and in learning to perceive and trust their inner wisdom for guidance and healing. I bring together psychodynamic, somatic, ecopsychological, and transpersonal methods, adapted to each person’s individual needs. Psychotherapy is a means to challenge ourselves to grow towards our truest nature, which is where we find our greatest gifts for the world.

For psychotherapy, supervision and consultation of:

  • Anxiety/depression

  • Self-esteem

  • Trauma resolution

  • Eating disorders/body image

  • Relationships/marital issues

  • Life transitions

  • Spiritual issues

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Our capacity to transform the world we live in is rooted in our capacity to bring to an end within ourselves the limitations and restrictions that undermine our own freedom and integrity. We are empowered to make new beginnings in our lives by leaving behind us the false identities and the negative belief systems concerning who we are that cripple our vision of inner freedom and wholeness.

– Christina Feldman

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